Competition & Bodybuilding Tanning Redcliffe

Our highly qualified spray tan technician, Kylie was once heavily involved in competitions herself.



s a bodybuilding competitor, she knows exactly the type of tan you need to allow your skills and your talents to shine. She has perfected this art and now offers a range of other specialised tans for competitions such as cheerleading and dance.

When show day arrives, it is very important to get your overall look right. Your overall look relies heavily on your tan being perfect. A great spray tan can impact everything from your self-confidence to the way the judges score your performance. It is so important to have the right depth to your tan so that all the effort you put into diets, training and dedication to your competition does not go to waste. If your muscles are not accentuated properly, or your skin tone looks off, this could be the difference between first place and second place.

Speak with Kylie today to organise all your competition tanning needs. She is the best in the business, having come from a competition background, so you can rest assured your winning tan will look flawless!


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