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Our name may be Lilly Rose Bronzed Tans, but we also specialise in creating the perfect lash look for our gorgeous clients.



rom weddings to birthdays to competitions and graduations, eyelash extensions are the perfect way to make your eyes POP, providing a subtle (or not so subtle) boost to your natural beautiful features. They can also provide a huge lift in self-confidence when worn day to day. Cut your beauty routine down a few minutes without the need for mascara when you have your gorgeous new lashes in place.

We tailor the curl, volume and length of each individual lash because it’s so important that every single fibre is perfect to ensure a flawless finished look.

Classic Lashes

Ah, the subtle, classic lash. This is where it all begins. These lash extensions are the perfect starting point for first-time wearers. They provide a luxurious, natural effect, that is usually requested for everyday wear. If you’re wanting a slight boost to your natural lashes and a flawless, day-to-day mascara look without the effort, our Classic Lashes are your new best friend.

For our Classic Lashes we use a maximum 0.15mm – 0.10mm thickness that’s going to ensure the health of your natural lashes but still provide a beautiful long lash effect.

We apply one extension to each natural hair, close to the natural lash line with a very small amount of adhesive bonding agent.

Hybrid Lashes

At Lilly Rose Bronzed Tans, we know not everyone is after the subtle look of our Classic Lashes, but they may not be looking for the voluminous look of our Russian Volumes Lashes either. So, we decided to introduce a middle ground, our Hybrid Lashes.

Our Hybrid Lash Extensions incorporate elements of both our Classic Lash Extensions and our Russian Volumes Lash Extensions for a textured, bolder look than the Classics, but quite not to the lengths and thickness of the Russian Volumes.

Working with a 50/50 mixture of 1:1 lashes and handmade fans, our Hybrids let you experience the best of both worlds.

Russian Volumes Lashes

Perfect for special occasions, or day-to-day wear if you like to rock bold makeup, our Russian Volumes Lashes provide a thick, daring and stunningly eye-opening look.

The end look may be voluminous, yet each single fibre is super fine, thin and lightweight to ensure they’re not too heavy for your natural lashes to carry.

Our Russian Volumes lash fans are all completely handmade, to create a bespoke look for every client. Each application can range from 2 – 7 fans, depending on the specific look the client has requested. Only a very small amount of adhesive is used to avoid clumping.

Please be mindful when booking your appointment that this technique requires a highly skilled lash stylist to ensure you end up with the perfect look. It may take a little longer than our other lash extension procedures, however it’s completely worth it for the full customisation and luxurious effect.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the mascara and visit us today for a gorgeous set of bespoke lash extensions!


Classic Full Set (2 week $75 | 3 week $80) $ 115
Hybrids Full Set (2 week $80 | 3 week $90) $ 125
Russian Volumes Full Set (2 week $95 | 3 week $105) $ 165
Brow Artistry Available Now From $40



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